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From a member:
“Just back from 2 weeks in hot and sunny Northern Cyprus.
Here's a photo of a Post Box in Kyrenia Harbour for the website in case there are any Post Box enthusiasts out there!”
The manufacturer's details are at the bottom of the box
"McDowell, Steven & Co of London & Falkirk".

McDowall, Steven & Co were a firm of Glasgow based iron founders, founded by John McDowall, of the Eagle Foundry, Port Dundas, in 1828, best known for their decorative cast iron fountains, band stands, balconies, garden seats and post boxes. The company's roots extend back to the early 19th century but became known as McDowall, Steven & Co in 1862
In 1835 the firm is listed as McDowall & Robertson, Milton Foundry, Port Dundas (with James Kennedy the stationer as their agent at 115 Ingram Street), becoming McDowall & Co., 1844-61, at 3 Corn Street, Port Dundas, and then McDowall Steven & Co., 1862-1909, as the Milton Iron Works, at 142 Woodside Road, after Hugh Stevenson became a partner.
After closing in 1909, the firm was resurrected in 1916, at the Laurieston Iron Works, Falkirk, until 1930 now Allied Iron founders Ltd of Falkirk.
“The Box is in Turkish North Cyprus, in the coastal City of Kyrenia. It is located on the Harbour, outside of an Italian Restaurant!
Here is a photo of a part of the Harbour. Glorious! The Castle in the photo is 12th Century.”
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